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An archaic term for a court's judgment. For example, some criminal sentences still end with the phrase " … which is pronounced for doom."

See: condemn, convict, predetermine, punish, sentence, tragedy


judgment. The word ‘doom’ is Old English whereas ‘judgment’ is a very early French import.

DOOM. This word formerly signified a judgment. T. L.

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In 1994, Camping predicted a high likelihood that the biblical judgment day would arrive on September of that year, although he left himself an opening for error.
Camping says he has meticulously calculated - using a variety of biblical references - the May 21 date using the bible, although he incorrectly predicted Judgment Day would come in 1994.
The process by which Camping originally identified May 21, 2011 as Judgment Day "is in no way definite," Fitzpatrick said.
Their producing credits, which have spanned over two decades and yielded well over three billion dollars in worldwide box office, include the "Rambo" series, "Total Recall," the original "Basic Instinct," "Terminator 2: Judgment Day," "Die Hard With a Vengeance," "Cliffhanger," "Stargate," "Evita" and "I Spy.
In an explosive and controversial book that has drawn both high praise and blistering criticism, pastor and author Faust has caused a theological earthquake with his startling declaration that unfaithful Christians will be disciplined on Judgment Day.
The latest ``Terminator'' film comes 12 years after ``Terminator 2: Judgment Day,'' which took in $52.
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines,'' the follow-up to 1991's groundbreaking hit ``Terminator 2: Judgment Day,'' marks the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger to the role that made the Austrian bodybuilding champion a movie superstar.
Johnson" features the following Robert Johnson perennials: "When You Got A Good Friend," "Little Queen Of Spades," "They're Red Hot," "Me And The Devil Blues," "Traveling Riverside Blues," "Last Fair Deal Gone Down," "Stop Breakin' Down Blues," "Milkcow's Calf Blues," "Kindhearted Woman Blues," "Come On In My Kitchen," "If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day," "Love In Vain," "32-20 Blues" and "Hellhound On My Trail.
One warning - there is a more extensive version of the film already out on DVD called ``Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (The Ultimate Edition DVD).
Set 10 years after the events of the last entry, 1991's ``Terminator 2: Judgment Day,'' ``T3'' sees another Arnold Schwarzenegger-played good Terminator sent back in time to protect John Connor (Nick Stahl replaces Edward Furlong) against an even more advanced bad Terminator - a Terminatrix, actually, played by actress Kristanna Loken.
Upcoming titles in the wide-screen series include ``Terminator 2: Judgment Day,'' ``Silverado'' and ``The Last Emperor.
The two were linked during filming of ``Terminator 2: Judgment Day.