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An archaic term for a court's judgment. For example, some criminal sentences still end with the phrase " … which is pronounced for doom."


judgment. The word ‘doom’ is Old English whereas ‘judgment’ is a very early French import.

DOOM. This word formerly signified a judgment. T. L.

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Jerson Buyain, another inmate acquitted on Judgment Day, also had mixed emotions.
Judgment day has its formal origins in the term "the day of the Lord," which itself has a colorful history.
Stephen Driggers, who catalogued the O'Connor manuscripts, singles out "Judgment Day" as the story with the most extensive collection of working drafts (x).
Rasha al Ameer's " Judgment Day," translated into English by Jonathan Wright, is published by The University of Cairo Press.
With painstaking clarity and detail, Judgment Day! reveals the ancient agenda against the Jews, and traces it's twisted trail to modern-day deceptions of U.S.
HE'S BACK: Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Slapped with more than 300 charges for disappearances, kidnappings and torture during Argentina's "dirty war" against leftists during the mid-1970s, former Navy Captain Ricardo Cavallo inches closer to judgment day. Summoned from Mexico to Spain by crusading judge Baltasar Garzon, Cavallo is the first accused war criminal Garzon has been able to be extradite and try.
When Judgment Day arrives, and I believe that it is now imminent, God will look after His own - those whom he judges to be Christian.
With six gavelers already on the air, some anticipate oversaturation of the market once "Power," Pearson's "Judgment Day," Warner Bros.' "Moral Court," King World's "Curtis Court," Unapix's "Singles Court," and Studios USA's "Arrest and Trial" all hit the airwaves in the fall.
The second volume (Judgment Day At the White House: A Critical Declaration Exploring Moral Issues and the Political Use and Abuse of Religion, edited by Gabriel Fackre [Grand Rapids: Eerdmans], 1999) consists of ruminations from both signatories and critics of a "Declaration Concerning Religion, Ethics, and the Crisis in the Clinton Presidency," dated December 1, 1998, and signed by over 140 scholars, the bulk of whom are faculty members at historically conservative or moderate mainline Protestant seminaries.
Sheridan graduates Steve "Spaz" Williams (Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Jurassic Park, The Mask, Spawn), James Straus (Forrest Gump, The Flintstones) and Dennis Turner (Congo, Twister, Star Trek: Generations) kicked things off with a master class in computer-generated animation.
There was, by the way, no comment from the Vatican, which still has some pretty strict rules about the Judgment Day reuniting of body and soul.