Judgment for credit card debt

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Country: United States of America
State: Arizona

I had a credit card issued by Household bank, 2 years ago that cost me 150.00 for one time fee and another 79.00 for annual fee. The total available credit line was 500.00 now after late charges and over limit charges that have accrued, I have a judgment pending court proceedings against me in the amount of 1229.00 almost 800.00 more then I started out with. Is this legal? the law firm is balegh and Becker out of phx, az and they won't settle for less then 79.00 a month and if I don't pay they will garnish my already garnished wages (child support) and I just can't afford for that to happen. What can I do? I haven't actually been told by a judge or a judgment hasn't been issued yet. should i pay only what I owe or am I responsible for it all?


You could threaten bankruptcy if they actually do try to sue... See also http://www.worldlawdirect.com/article/1412/Bill_collector_and_creditor_problems_--_Stop_abuse.html
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