Judicial Assistance

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Judicial Assistance

Aid offered by the judicial tribunals of one state to the judicial tribunals of a second state.

Judicial assistance may consist of the enforcement of a judgment rendered by a court of another state or other actions to assist current judicial proceedings taking place in the state requesting the cooperation of the foreign court. A letter rogatory, the formal term for such a request, asks a foreign court to take some judicial action, such as issue a summons, compel production of documents, or take evidence. Treaties may be concluded between countries to establish regular methods of transmitting these requests and to assure reciprocal treatment in furnishing assistance.


Letters Rogatory.

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"It is a memorandum of understanding and technical cooperation with the Arab Republic of Egypt at the level of the public prosecution," Al-Asousi said earlier in an interview with Al-Rai, adding that it focuses on a number of points including "the exchange of information between both prosecutions, the judicial delegations, and judicial assistance which comes in accordance with diplomatic channels." It also includes organization of courses and coordination in regional and international forums and positions, as well as the exchange of visits and workshops and the organization of joint legal programs, he added.
"The ACF case shows the need for the government to seek international judicial assistance to prosecute these and other killings." The killings of the ACF workers 16 ethnic Tamils, including 4 women, and a Muslim occurred after several days of fighting between government forces and the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) for control of Muttur.
During the meeting, Avayee and Beketayev signed judicial assistance agreement in civil affairs to increase legal and judiciary cooperation.
The pact provides a legal basis for judicial assistance, extradition and transfer of criminals, prosecution of crimes, information sharing, and other forms of legal cooperation between the two countries.
The session also discussed the difficulties faced by States in collecting evidence across national borders to examine custody, extradition or judicial assistance, which has become more complex in view of the immunity enjoyed by officials of foreign States under international law, and reaching a balance between the protection of the immunity of officials of foreign States and the need to combat impunity, where there are still many difficulties to reach a unified agreement despite the great efforts exerted by States and the General Assembly of the United Nations.
Meanwhile, Salman Akram Raja was appointed as judicial assistance in the case.
The Court organised a brief training session for Tunisian Bar Association members to inform them of the objectives of the Code and how Tunisian lawyers could register on the Court's List to represent complainants and applicants in need of judicial assistance, since Tunisia had deposited since last year a declaration allowing NGOs and individuals to apply directly to the African Court.
"SIT displayed illegal behaviour by unlawfully arresting innocent devout Hindus, persecuting them inhumanely and denying them the judicial assistance. Similarly, a false information was spread that the accused were in possession of a 'hitlist'.
The pair tackled the absence of any judicial agreement between the two countries, and it was decided to proceed with preparations for the completion of agreements on judicial assistance, exchange of detainees and the transfer and recovery of convicts.
The two sides signed a memorandum of understanding regarding international cooperation between the two prosecutions regarding the cooperation and exchange of judicial assistance, expertise and capabilities development.
The material was obtained from UK authorities following a mutual judicial assistance request filed by Cypriot law enforcement.

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