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20) And while 2-1401 (e) protects bona fide purchasers of real property sold at judicial sales against the vacation or modification of judgments and orders initiating the sales, that protection does not apply when the record shows a problem with jurisdiction.
In particular, the outcome of the disposition of the vessels will depend on the following factors that are not within the control of Royal Olympic in any material respect, including entry of a final order by the bankruptcy court lifting the automatic stay in the Chapter 11 proceeding so as to enable the lenders to proceed with an arrest and judicial sale of the vessels and lenders actions thereafter.
However, a court may set aside its own judicial sale in order to relieve an oppressive or unfair result.
That in itself is not determinative since it is common knowledge that property sold by judicial sale results in a price much lower than what could be obtained in a arms-length sale of the property.
On January 5, 2000, ICCMIC obtained a foreclosure decree for the judicial sale of our Legends in Concert Family Theater in Surfside Beach, South Carolina.
When purchased at judicial sale there shouldn't be any triple damage," he noted, warning that the potential purchaser must be very careful.
31, 1991 is not in fact timely made, it will be necessary for the company to foreclose its mortgage upon the vineyard, to seek proceeds from subsequent judicial sale of the vineyard and to secure recovery of capital stock issued to Aktiengesellschaft fur Beteiligungen in Europa, S.
Judicial sales director Keith Lulewich chats with Godfrey H.
He also serves as chairman of the board of The Judicial Sales Corporation, a subsidiary of ATG.
The organization presently has been executing on a draft convention for the international recognition of Judicial Sales.