Judicial confessions

JUDICIAL CONFESSIONS, criminal law. Those voluntarily made before a magistrate, or in a court, in the due course of legal proceedings. A preliminary examination, taken in writing, by a magistrate lawfully authorized, pursuant to a statute, or the plea of guilty, made in open court to an indictment, are sufficient to found a conviction upon them.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Those who carried out the attack against the sit-inners were arrested and recorded judicial confessions, which will be broadcasted in the media during the day," Hemetti said during a Ramadan breakfast organized by the Native Administration in Khartoum.
He said confessional statements of certain accused individuals obtained by the investigating agencies are not judicial confessions and therefore cannot in any way be the sole basis upon which a court shall be able to secure their conviction.
For his part, Qureshi Saleh the White Nile State Police Director said they arrested all those who took part in the violence and recorded their judicial confessions.
The court said that the two convicts, who belong to the Arab nomadic Al-Misiriyyah tribe, had made judicial confessions stating that they were affiliated to the Kordofan sector of the Darfur rebel group, the Justice and Equality Movement.
KH, Doha Answer: The judicial confession is the acknowledgment by the litigant or his representative before court.
Complete proof was possible by means of a judicial confession by the criminal defendant, which the law described as "the best evidence in the world." (22) The only other practical form of complete proof was the consistent testimony of two eyewitnesses.
First, it explains Dostoevsky's focus on the interaction between Porfiry Petrovich and Raskolnikov and Porfiry Petrovich's dogged efforts to get a formal, judicial confession from Raskolnikov.
The peasant turned apartment painter Nikolay (also called Mikolay), has made a full, judicial confession to him.

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