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While it is difficult to get precise data with regards to the global use of judicial corporal punishment, such data is readily available for judicial execution; a far richer pool of empirical research is available regarding the death penalty.
We have more prisons, prisoners, supermax prisons, more prisoners in solitary confinement, more judicial executions and longer sentences that most other countries.
The order came on a petition by an association formed by the victims' families, who have alleged that the Manipur Police and other security forces had killed nearly 1,500 people between May 1979 and May 2012 while they were in custody or in stage- managed encounters, or in ways broadly termed as ' extra- judicial executions'.
Since the 1998 public hanging of two men convicted of murder, Lebanon has largely maintained a de facto moratorium on judicial executions. Authorities broke the moratorium only once, in 2004, to appease sectarian tensions after a Shiite man killed eight people in his office, most of them Christians.
British: British author who spent five weeks in jail for contempt of court after questioning judicial executions in Singapore was set to be deported Saturday.
Now a report by the UN's Assistance Mission for Iraq (Unami) has confirmed 'serious allegations of extra- judicial executions taking place which underline a deterioration in the situation of law and order.'
"Hamas has taken a terrible backward step in carrying out the first judicial executions since it took over Gaza," said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch.
Amnesty International also said it was unable to confirm whether judicial executions took place last year in Syria, where civil war has raged for four years.
Indonesia has never revealed details of judicial executions in advance.
Sources in both the parties said that the local government system would top the negotiation, whereas MQM would also raise the issue of its missing activists and their extra judicial executions in the hands of law enforcement agencies.
aACAo Five of the 54 member states of the African Union were known to have carried out judicial executions: Botswana, Gambia, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan.
In addition, the other laws that are not in conformity with the international standards, including the Code of Conduct on Extra judicial Executions, should also be repealed.

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