Judicial misconduct, failure to review evidence

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Country: United States of America
State: New York

What can we do with regard to the fact that a judge is overlooking the fact that the builder of our home has altered the sales contract after we both executed the deal and that he misrepresented himself to be the principal, when in fact, he is not even licensed to build, nor did he have legal rights with regard to the sale. Also, the project was severely delayed and during that time, he verbally agreed to include various extras he is now trying to get me to pay for. I never signed off on the extras, other than those which were included in the original contract and several addendums which I did agree to. We were supposed to close in june 2003 and we're now waiting for the courts final ruling. We even came across a letter signed by the builder and notarized, indicating that we purchased the home from Westin, the company not licensed to build and to whom the title of the property did not belong, saying that the deal closed back in August 2003? We were lied to and victims of fraud. Even the lawyer they provided turned out to be dishonest. (they did not like the attorney we chose to handle the closing, so in the spirit of trying to be cooperative, we then used a lawyer of their choice) My Wife and I have been inconvenienced beyond belief. We have a special needs child and because they promised the home would be complete by the Fall, 2003, we sold our home in Florida and put a rented trailer on the sight of the home. * weeks turned into over 8 months in the trailer. Through the Winter and holiday season which was obviously ruined. I do not know what we can do. Even the attorney we hired to represent us in this lawsuit turned out to be a true disappointment. We need serious help and we needit right now. Please help us or direct us to someone who can.


If he was not licensed have you asked the licensing boards to step in...
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