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This winter's freezing temperatures combined with the gloomy economic outlook have prompted a huge rise in the numbers of Brits jumping ship to the Antipodes.
If other clients get wind of the fact that your business has lost a high-profile customer, they may consider jumping ship, too.
Alabama Christian Coalition leader John Giles announced that his chapter is jumping ship.
Fernando Alonso's defection to McLaren for 2007 prompted suggestions he was jumping ship prior to a Renault withdrawal from grand prix racing.
Canavan was in action for Tyrone at Croke Park yesterday and it's been suggested he was waiting for their season to end before jumping ship.
With all of the senior-level brokers jumping ship right now, Fiedler sees it as inevitable that real estate firms will be scrutinizing the contracts of incoming brokers--and maybe even adding more in the way of "restrictive clauses".