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Jumping rope performance depends mostly on the gross motor coordination that is the ability to coordinate arms, legs, and torso movements when the whole body is in motion (Fransen et al., 2012).
That's why we decided to offer the weighted jumping rope, because we have done a lot of research on the benefits of jump rope exercises,” Allen stated.
One encouraging thought is that because jumping rope with two feet at a time spreads the shock of landing throughout two legs, it may actually be a little less stressful than running, which requires only one foot and knee, alternatively, to absorb the entire body's weight with every step.
"We had parents jumping rope, we had grandparents jumping rope, we had teachers jumping," Ms.
Fabio Comana, of the American Council on Exercise, said 60 minutes of jumping rope can be a great cardio exercise, but for most people it's out of reach.
Jumping rope improves body composition, coordination, and balance.
Jumping Rope: Start with feet on ground, back straight, abdomen pulled in, arms out to side.
This article presents strategies for jumping rope for children with visual impairments.
Vigorous intensity aerobic activities include bicycle riding, jumping rope, running and sports such as soccer, basketball and ice or field hockey.
Keep your arms as you would normally for jumping rope, but move your feet as if you were doing jumping jacks.
A wonderful weight-bearing exercise to help you build strong bones is jumping rope. Try these jump-rope games to make it even more fun to get fit.
Did you know that jumping rope can burn up to 1000 calories per hour?