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Jumping rope performance depends mostly on the gross motor coordination that is the ability to coordinate arms, legs, and torso movements when the whole body is in motion (Fransen et al.
Jumping rope is not only for little girls on the playground, it's a great way to get your cardio and a full body workout done.
One encouraging thought is that because jumping rope with two feet at a time spreads the shock of landing throughout two legs, it may actually be a little less stressful than running, which requires only one foot and knee, alternatively, to absorb the entire body's weight with every step.
Jumping rope can tax your energy system pretty quickly," he said.
Jumping rope improves body composition, coordination, and balance.
Before jumping began at the camps, 64% of the campers stated that they were not worried about moving or migrating while jumping rope, but after the jumping began, they changed their minds.
Keep your arms as you would normally for jumping rope, but move your feet as if you were doing jumping jacks.
The Bureau of Indications has gotten into trouble with HR lately for banging on the full-sized punching bag and jumping rope in the cubicle.
I can remember very well sitting on the steps in the summer and some of my friends would be down on the street jumping rope and I'd be sitting out front reading my BE.
Color and black-and-white photos of an adult Veronica Chambers jumping rope with her friends, teams doing flips inside the ropes and many historical photos make this high-energy book not only fun to read, but also fun too look at.
a program that challenges middle school students to take at least 10,000 steps a day, such as walking, running, dancing or jumping rope.
Double Dutch, for those who don't know, is a way of jumping rope that demands a high degree of skill and energy.