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I thought," she wrote, "everyone would also see how rap music is really rape music," an equation that in one daring stroke restored to intellectual respectability the critiques of jungle music made in the '50s by Ollie North's precursors on White Citizens' Councils everywhere.
Jungle music is generally regarded as one of the forerunners of rave culture in the UK, particularly drum 'n' bass.
Jungle music, spot prizes and Simba the lion will be part of the event by CCS Catering to show school meals can be fun and healthy.
Then La Revue Negre arrived in Paris and the city went wild to jungle music and crazy, improper, over-sexed dancing which caused the sedate middle class French citizens to think that the world they knew was over - which in a way it was.
We knew this from a solitary shot of Old Trafford, the number of young thugs wearing tracksuits and the jungle music songs about the ghetto.
Jungle, or drum and bass: Especially popular on television and radio commercials, jungle music, also known as drum and bass, features a double-time hiphop beat with almost any kind of melody imaginable.
Jungle music maestro Goldie was also giving an award in the same category, so we were both onstage together looking very much the odd couple.