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I like to relax in the passenger seat while Hoops is driving and listening to his jungle music.
Tickets cost pounds 4 and are available from: The Pop Factory box office; Porth Rainbow records, Pontypridd; Spillers records, Cardiff; Jungle music, Bridgend
His claim to fame is creating live drum 'n' bass and jungle music in a very interactive, spontaneous way.
Recently, there have been stories on heavy metal, the rave scene, hip-hop and jungle music.
Anyway, if they want to economise on travel I've got a fab local taxi firm - although it might be best if the Queen doesn't ask for Erol, who's got a stupifying case of BO and plays loud jungle music.
It's called jungle music, but the frantic drums and pulsing bass unleashed by Roni Size and Reprazent at a sold-out House of Blues in Hollywood Friday sounded more like a prison break in a bleak, futuristic world.
On the entrance level was a tropical forest with earth and flowers and jungle music.