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UTTER BARRISTER, English law, Those barristers who plead without the bar, and are distinguished from benchers, or those who have been readers and who are allowed to plead within the bar, as the king's counsel are. The same as ouster barrister. See Barrister.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He describes differences between being a barrister and solicitor; the future of the Bar; a week in the life of a junior barrister in various specialties; deciding whether to become one; education and training; joining an Inn of Court; applying for, funding, getting through, and life and work aspects during the apprenticeship year of pupillage; mini-pupillages and other legal experience; the Bar Professional Training Course; and transferring to the Bar after practicing as a solicitor or abroad.
Bellfield got pounds 2million for a top QC, junior barrister and solicitors in 2008 to defend charges of murdering Amelie Delagrange, 18, and Marsha McDonnell, 19, and the attempted murder of Kate Sheedy, then 18.
Hunter was represented by a barrister, a solicitor and a junior barrister. The Supreme Court jury did not find Hunter guilty of manslaughter.
(64) With daily fees ranging from $1200 for an inexperienced junior barrister to $7500 for an exalted Senior (or Queen's) Counsel, the barrister earns more for a trial.
Fallon, who has six rides at Naas this evening, will not attend the session that begins at 5pm, but with arguments to be heard from two QCs, supported by junior barrister Pushpindar Saini and Ian Burton, the rider's solicitor, and Mark Warby QC plus Jacob Dean, junior barrister, for the HRA, a verdict may not be announced until tomorrow.
Ann has seen a lot of high-flying legal careers start at the bottom of the tree in the North-east's courts, people like the late Lord Taylor, who rose to be Lord Chief Justice - whom Ann remembers as a very junior barrister - and High Court judge Mr Justice Potts, who was just Humphrey Potts, dealing with very mundane cases at Durham Sessions when she started out.
KAVANAGH QC: What a classy series, with a gem of a performance from Valerie Edmond as the junior barrister. - Mrs M.
After completing a correspondence course with Gray's of London he was called to the bar in 1967 and began as a junior barrister in Chester a year later.
He said he carried out numerous searches in an effort to find any trace of Nicola, including queries with social networks, supermarkets, HMRC and the NHS, Robert Price, prosecution junior barrister, asked him: "During the course of your exhaustive inquiries is there anything you have seen or read that suggests that Nicola Payne, the Nicola Payne of our case, has been alive since December 14, 1991."
This man was appointed a junior barrister and he also gets a senior counsel and that's unfair and unequal.
Mr Johnston told the Home Affairs Select Committee he had spent PS16,522.50 so far on a PS400-an-hour senior barrister and a PS175-an-hour junior barrister.
said a locum doctor charging between pounds 350 and pounds 500 per day is cheaper, and that even a criminal law junior barrister will charge as little as pounds 30 per hour.
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