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JURATS, officers. In some English corporations, jurats are officers who have much the same power as aldermen in others. Stat. 1 Ed. IV. Stat. 2 & 3 Ed. VI. c. 30; 13 Ed. I., c. 26.

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The commissioner directed that in order to convict, the jurats would need to be certain beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant had sent a text message at the moment of impact with Clinton or immediately before it.
sien privats lo tal advocat o officials que no volra advocar, aconsellar e defensar la Ciutat com de present lo priva el Consell General e revoca de advocat e del offici que tendra de dita ciutat e en tal cars los jurats, racional, advocats e sindich puixen elegir hun altre en loch d'aquell (51).
Junto a esta repisa, y en direccion a la cueva, se desarrollan los epigrafes por los que es bien conocida la Cova dels Jurats.
Ademas del cumplimiento de la legalidad, que se da por supuesto, la transparencia deberia incorporarse en la estrategia, en los valores de la entidad y en su aplicacion en todos los ambitos de la organizacion (Col-legi de Censors Jurats de Comptes de Catalunya, 2010).
Salieron de Mallorca como exiliados el ultimo virrey borbonico de Mallorca, el conde de Alcudia, el obispo Antonio de la Portilla, el regente de la Audiencia Francesc Ametller, el fiscal Bernardo Leiza, el magistrado Dionis Roger, el jurat en cap Marc Antoni Cotoner y otros caballeros, sacerdotes y religiosos.
Solicitor General Howard Sharp, for the prosecution, told the presiding judge Sir Michael Birt and two jurats - similar to magistrates in mainland UK - that during this period Mrs Rzeszowska admitted to her husband that she had been having a two-month affair with another man and she threatened suicide.
In May 1576, the mayor and jurats of Rye testified in a certificate to the bishop of Chichester that Richard Fletcher 'being called hither of such as have the dealing in that behalf, to preach in the church of Rye, hath administered the sacraments as becomes a good minister of Jesus Christ and no less in the other life amongst us visiting our sick with diligence and doing his duty to the good example of the people'.
The judge, sitting with a panel of five jurats - retired members of the public who set the sentence - added that it ought to be known that Jersey courts impose severe sentences for drugs offences.
Imposing the 30-month sentence, the presiding Bailiff, Sir Philip Bailhache, who was sitting with Jurats Clapham said: "We accept that you got out of your depth with your dealings with the supplier and the loan shark.
com>, I recently discovered that the relevant passage was cited with approval in 1989 by the Royal Court of Jersey: A-G (Jersey) v Foster [1989] JLR 70, 94 (Bailiff Crill and Jurats Vint, Baker, Gruchy and Le Ruez).
1714 Lettre envoyees: Pontchartrain "Aux Bayles et Jurats de St.
This arrangement was largely a source of conflict, since the Jurats usually found some means of controlling the Jews, mostly on theological grounds.