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JURE. By law; by right; in right; as, jure civilis, by the civil law; jure gentium, by the law of nations; jure representationis, by right of representation; jure uxoris, in right of a wife.

JURE, WRIT OF, Engl. law. The name of a writ commanding the defendant to show by what right he demands common of pasture in the land of the complainant, who claims to have a fee in the same. F. N. B. 299.

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This collective exhibition unveils an art scene with which most local art-lovers are little aware, revealing that the art of Uruguay is, as Jure would have it, "modern and not ethnic.
It is the political institutions, for example, monarchy or democracy, that determine who holds the de jure power.
It was not Brown that brought about the end of de jure segregation, against persistent Southern resistance; it was the 1964 Civil Rights Act.
In short, Profit and Principle convincingly argues how De Jure Praedae and Mare Librum were part of the day-to-day legal, political, and diplomatic practices of a talented young jurist, politician, and diplomat.
Cast in moulds, and with a regular and complex forging of its blades in five phases, the knives of Cabezo Jure became the settlement's principal and most sophisticated product (Bayona et al.
You're the man" - a passer-by in the parade ring to Noel Meade after De Jure, his runner in the concluding bumper, had completed the hat-trick
Johnston suggests this increase is due to the Chinese leadership's fear of a de jure independent Taiwan protected by US military power.
Both traditions enjoyed an enduring popularity and flourished until de jure segregation ended in the 1960s.
FireWire originated in Apple's laboratories before achieving de jure industry standard status, and the Fujitsu device is packaged in a semi-translucent casing with metallic silver trim - a plain nod to Apple's fruit-flavored iMAC range.
s position on the death penalty (Estrich used to be against it but now is for it; I used to be for it but now have multiple reservations), it would seem important to know whether any sizable fraction of released killers have records that make them virtually indistinguishable from any sizable fraction of killers who, de jure, retain a date with the executioner but, de facto, are serving sentences of life without parole.
The de jure segregation of the South, he said, has no relevance for schools today that reflect housing patterns and often the search for ethnic identity on the part of minority parents.
This focus on image over both political substance and efficacy reflects the problem that the organization, like the civil-rights elite in general, has had in defining its mission since the defeat of de jure segregation.