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JURE. By law; by right; in right; as, jure civilis, by the civil law; jure gentium, by the law of nations; jure representationis, by right of representation; jure uxoris, in right of a wife.

JURE, WRIT OF, Engl. law. The name of a writ commanding the defendant to show by what right he demands common of pasture in the land of the complainant, who claims to have a fee in the same. F. N. B. 299.

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restriction of the above mentioned rights occurs ipso jure, that is automatically, without the intervention of the court of law.
Cardillo's objective, Jure explained, was to associate Uruguayan items (horses being considered by many to be part of the country's cultural heritage) with Western landscapes.
There Le Jure, with a mix of concern and anger in his eyes threw out the same sign as for the second pitch.
es plausible sostener que aquellos enunciados que establecen una identidad teorica para el caso de las clases naturales constituyen una relacion entre un termino rigido de jure y un termino rigido de facto?
But when Jure went through I knew it was either going to be a penalty or a goal and fortunately he found the net at the far post.
The de jure population of the Kyrgyz Republic as of 24 March 2009 amounted to 5,362,800, including 1,828,200 people living in urban areas and 3,534,600 people living in rural areas.
We also argue that in Pakistan, unlike some European countries in the 17th century, neither commercial interest nor fiscal constraints can force the de jure power to reform institutions.
She said it " cannot be subject--de jure or de facto--to additional conditions concerning the location of investments and/or the geographic distribution of restructuring efforts.
Tayloring Reformed Epistemology: Charles Taylor, Alvin Plantinga and the de jure Challenge to Christian Belief.
Por un lado, medidas De Jure que elaboran indices de apertura considerando la informacion sobre las restricciones que la legislacion impone a los flujos de capitales en cada economia y, por otro, las medidas De Facto, asociadas usualmente a diferenciales de tasas de interes y saldos de activos y pasivos externos.
JURAMENTA: la que lanzara el Kukluxklan cuando jure Barack.
The Court made it clear that government cannot deny a child the opportunity to attend a public school because of race, known as de jure segregation.