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JURE. By law; by right; in right; as, jure civilis, by the civil law; jure gentium, by the law of nations; jure representationis, by right of representation; jure uxoris, in right of a wife.

JURE, WRIT OF, Engl. law. The name of a writ commanding the defendant to show by what right he demands common of pasture in the land of the complainant, who claims to have a fee in the same. F. N. B. 299.

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AND defendant did act as a commercial agent (acto jure gestionis)
One of the problems inherent in the purpose test, and carried through in the concept of acts jure imperii is the whole notion that a state always acts, in one sense at least, in a sovereign capacity.
Today, Jure serves about 150 to 180 lunches and 280 to 300 dinners a day, numbers similar to those that he racked up during the days of boating.
The fact that Boston was not a true de jure segregated school system like the pre-Brown South also helps explain some of the reaction of the community and its leaders.
At the close of William III's reign he remarked in a tract that we must either accept the Whig doctrine of political authority deriving from the people, or "we must fly to the old weak Refuge of a Power Jure Divino, a Doctrine which the most famed Pretenders to, have liv'd to be asham'd of, and whose Foundation is so weak, that 'tis not worth while to expose it.
It encourages ESOs to work more closely with industry consortia and amends several directives, removing any implications of exclusivity for de jure standards.
CUTLINE: From left are Nichols College students Alyce Vients of Putnam, Tanya Jure of Dudley and Gianna Raffa of Worcester with academic adviser Nora B.
The signature took place in presence of Uruguayan Ambassador to Lebanon, Jorge Luis Jure Arnoletti, CEO of the National Agency for Investment and Encouragement of Foreign Trade in Uruguay, vice head of Beirut Chamber Mohammad Lamaa, and a panel of Uruguayan and Lebanese businessmen and economic dignitaries.
FORMER St Mirren defender Jure Travner has tipped Maribor to exploit Rangers' defence and send the SPL champions spinning out of Europe for the second time this season.
Summary: BEIRUT: President of the Beirut and Mount Lebanon Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Chamber, Mohammad Choucair, discussed ways to boost bilateral economic ties with the Uruguayan Ambassador to Lebanon, Jorge Luis Jure Arnoletti, Thursday.
His major work, De Jure Belli ac Pacis (On the Law of War and Peace), does not contain any reference to the Florentine thinker.