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Creating an Indigenous Jurisdictional Dispute Process
The mobile service will be available to 31 of the 33 barangays of Makati, excluding Post Proper Northside and Southside in Fort Bonifacio which are the subject of a jurisdictional dispute with Taguig City.
Officially implemented because of a jurisdictional dispute with the Kenyan Government, the new regime caused a dip in prostitutes' income.
The letter, a copy of which was obtained by Informa Economics, also notes that in cases where there is a jurisdictional dispute between AFL-CIO affiliated unions, the AFL-CIO should be the arbiter of the dispute.
But their long-simmering jurisdictional dispute may well be rendered absurd in the digital era.
The analysis thus focuses on the jurisdictional dispute between financial and managerial accounting and the mechanisms by which managerial accounting was subordinated to financial accounting.
is in the midst of an international jurisdictional dispute that reads like a law school exam.
Winning their jurisdictional dispute has been a long, uphill climb for the Lubbe plaintiffs, who faced immense obstacles, including jurisdictional problems and evidentiary difficulties.
19] The granting of the commission for visitations in 1530 provoked a jurisdictional dispute between Clarenceux Benolt and Garter Wriothesley, and later decades were marked by disputes and backbiting among the heralds as well as conflicts over the College's records.
What appeared on the surface as a jurisdictional dispute over who has the right to control financial institutions was, in fact, a larger dispute over the degree to which finance capital would control the lives of Canadians.
If the tenant claims papers were not served properly or if there is a jurisdictional dispute, the court is required to conduct an immediate hearing to establish the validity of the defenses.
It appeared that his efforts were beginning to bear fruit until the latest jurisdictional dispute of the Ecumenical patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople and Alexius II of Moscow over the Orthodox Church of Estonia.