Jury list

JURY LIST. A paper containing the names of jurors impanelled to try a cause, or it contains the names of all the jurors summoned to attend court.

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According to Erika Gully Santiago, a spokesman for the state Office of the Jury Commissioner, the jurors will not be summoned again this calendar year but their names will go back on the jury list for next year.
Ms Justice Elizabeth Dunne yesterday granted an application by Frank Crean, for the accused, for an adjournment of the action which was listed for hearing in the High Court jury list on July 2.
citizens, but a statute states that the jury list shall be prepared from a list containing only citizens.
Lending weight to the jury list of Muhr Arab and Muhr AsiaAfrica awards are two Indian celebrities -- painter and film director MF Hussain (Meenaxi: A Tale of Three Cities) and actress Manisha Koirala (Dil Se, Khamoshi, Bombay), Juma added.
Carlton Cole has added to Hammers' in jury list after his brief appearance for England in midweek but Zola added: "Today was our best victory of all.
208) The court recognized that citizenship requirements were a cause of the absolute disparity, (209) but when the percentage of Hispanics on the master trial jury list was compared to the percentage of "jury-eligible" (i.
Stourbridge have hardly been helped with a growing in jury list but Gavin Winsper can return tonight after an eye injury ruled him out at the weekend.
For example the jury list for the trial of Emile Michaud on 25 January 1875 included the following professions: property owner (9), rentier (3), bailiff, hardware vendor, manufacturer of wallpaper (2), vendor of fashion accessories, printer of fabric, professor at Louis le Grand, grocer, plumber, pharmacist, engineer, editor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
They first questioned the Crown's solicitors, William Kemmis and his son Thomas Kemmis, about their role in shaping the jury list.
When the assizes opened on 4 November 1919, and the jury panel had been made available to the defence and prosecution, Andrews turned the jury list over to the RNWMP and the McDonald Detective Agency with copies of a list of 25 questions he had developed.
Hollywood, with a lengthening in jury list that now includes Kim Green (groin) and Adam Beaman (leg) who were injured against Gloucester, delays naming his squad.
The corruption was in the jury list, though no one ever used such a strong term at the time.