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JUSTICIAR, or JUSTICIER. A judge, or justice the same as justiciary.

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In an agreement with the representatives of King John in July 1201 Llywelyn swore to observe fealty to the king, received all his lands from the king's justiciar (deputy) and promised to do homage to John when he returned from the Continent.
However, his duties as a Border justiciar inevitably prevented him from assuming control over the more practical responsibilities of the Scottish Treasury.
There were links with Ireland even 700 years ago, as Sir John Wogan was Justiciar of Ireland from around 1295 to 1313.
Originally a member of the northern gentry, Darcy's interest in Ireland appears to have begun in 1323 when he was made justiciar there by Edward II, holding the office almost continuously between that date and 1340 -- when he was called back to England by the king.