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If necessary, electricity should be imported from other countries at economically justified prices. The most important thing is to provide electricity for the homes of all Kyrgyz citizens," said Atambayev.
Indian Artisans Online helps these artists get Indian Artisans Online brings to you authentic artworks of the traditional artists from across the country The site brings folk art, textiles, papier- mache, block printing weaving, tribal embroideries and woodcarvings from across India their due payment through affordable but justified prices.
“As to cover this gap by providing top quality exclusive fashion Jewellery online right to the doorsteps of the Indian customers at justified prices, we have launched this online jewellery store.
Petrol station owners normally make some four or five cents per litre of fuel sold and have justified prices by citing the increase in VAT by one percentage point to 18 per cent in mid-January as well as other state taxes, and crude oil prices.