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CODE, JUSTINIAN, civil law. A collection of the constitutions of the emperors, from Adrian to Justinian; the greater part of those from Adrian to Constantine are mere rescripts; those from Constantine to Justinian are edicts or laws, properly speaking.
     2. The code is divided into twelve books, which are subdivided into titles, in which the constitutions are collected under proper heads. They are placed in chronological order, but often disjointed. At the head of each constitution is placed the name of the emperor who is the author, and that of the person to whom it is addressed. The date is at the end. Several of these constitutions, which were formerly in the code were lost, it is supposed by the neglect of "copyists. Some of them have been restored by modern authors, among whom may be mentioned Charondas, Cugas, and Contius, who translated them from Greek, versions.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Archaeologists now believe that the northwest vestibule was built when Justinian still reigned over the Eastern Roman empire, which today is known as the Byzantine empire.
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From here he moves to the eastern Empire (in particular the reign of Justinian and his 'imperial Christianity'), the collapse of the recently reimposed imperial authority in Italy, the situation in the Balkans and Britain, and the importance of religion in political and social developments (and vice versa) which is a most interesting discussion.
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For his part, Castelain said that Lebanon enjoys many ancient traditions and one of them is its history of laws: "Beirut taught law in its Roman school in the era of Emperor Justinian C* and today both our countries have adopted the civil law that was installed in Emperor Napoleon's era."