Justitia nemine neganda est

Justitia nemine neganda est. Justice is not to be denied. Jenk. Cent. 178.

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Marriage licences and small probates were what we all looked for, and what paid us best; and the competition for these ran very high indeed.
Here are two licences permitting two pigs to go to market in Lancashire.
Then, to reach the consumption of the poorer tax-payers, the licences of retail dealers were taxed according to the population of the neighborhoods in which they lived.
I am no great clerk at those matters but I murmured vaguely an allusion to special licences.
Paul's Churchyard, Sir; low archway on the carriage side, bookseller's at one corner, hot-el on the other, and two porters in the middle as touts for licences.
The licence was made out, and she DID have him, and what's more she's got him now; and I never had any of the four hundred pound, worse luck.
Impossible--can't be--notice at the church--leave the licence to-day--ceremony come off to-morrow.
Jingle, who had that moment returned, had produced the licence to the spinster aunt.
Jingle crumpled up the licence, and thrust it into his coat pocket.
Money out of pocket-- posting, nine pounds; licence, three--that's twelve--compensation, a hundred--hundred and twelve--breach of honour--and loss of the lady--'