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"Or put it, my juvenile friends," said Chadband, stimulated by the sound, "that the unnatural parents of this slumbering heathen--for parents he had, my juvenile friends, beyond a doubt--after casting him forth to the wolves and the vultures, and the wild dogs and the young gazelles, and the serpents, went back to their dwellings and had their pipes, and their pots, and their flutings and their dancings, and their malt liquors, and their butcher's meat and poultry, would THAT be Terewth?"
Fine acting by the leading juvenile? We have that, but it is not enough.
The juvenile offenders had not such pleasant faces by a great deal, and in this establishment there were many boys of colour.
The old face, calm and pleasant as ever; the complexion, quite juvenile in its bloom and clearness; the same smile; the wonted precision and elegance of dress; the white, well-ordered teeth; the delicate hands; the composed and quiet manner; everything as it used to be: no mark of age or passion, envy, hate, or discontent: all unruffled and serene, and quite delightful to behold.
Sparsit's juvenile career with every possible advantage, and showered waggon-loads of early roses all over that lady's path.
Since the enactment of JJSA 2018, not a single juvenile rehabilitation center or special prison for juveniles has been established or certified.
The inadequate and careless treatment of juveniles in prison should sound alarm bells for the government.
Juvenile offenders are maltreated and sexually abused in prisons, because of no proper monitoring of juvenile cells and not establishing separate jails for juveniles.
Speaking on the occasion, she said that juveniles should be given education and vocational training in order to make them useful citizens.
Suicide deaths of incarcerated juveniles affect families, friends and everyone in the facility.
Muscat: Oman witnessed a 22.2 per cent drop in the number of crimes committed by juveniles in 2017 compared to 2016, according to Public Prosecution figures.
ISLAMABAD -- Juvenile Justice Committees are proposed under criminal justice system for juveniles and social reintegration of minor accused.