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As I recall, Title V-A of NDEA provided $15 million per year for use by state departments of education to improve the quality of K-12 school guidance programs.
EmpCenter for K-12 School Districts offers a solution for management of complex pay rules and the time collection processes.
We chose EmpCenter because WorkForce understands the problems faced by K-12 school districts.
This new century of data-driven decision making and accountability in K-12 schools demand nothing less--as does our commitment to students.
Sanctuary is an ideal solution for any university or K-12 school district looking to safely incorporate technology into their curriculums without increasing their support needs.
SunGard Pentamation is a leading provider of administrative information systems, performance analysis, and reporting software and services solutions for K-12 schools and local governments throughout the U.
Proxim's products deliver better performance than the competition; we can select end-to-end solutions including edge, last-mile and backhaul connectivity from a single vendor; and these systems have a strong track record in the K-12 school district environment.
The market comprises approximately 7000 universities and colleges and 18,000 K-12 School Districts and is estimated to exceed $500 million in North America.
Enables Comprehensive, Well-Informed Literary Selection to K-12 School Librarians, Teachers, and Parents
Windstream, a leading provider of advanced network and cloud communications, is now offering its Managed WiFi solution to E-Rate eligible K-12 schools and public libraries.