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We Americans cherish freedom of choice, and even if school choice didn't improve test scores and dropout rates, the right to choose would still be a compelling argument for why we should break up the government's monopoly on K-12 schools.
We chose EmpCenter because WorkForce understands the problems faced by K-12 school districts.
EmpCenter for K-12 School Districts offers a solution for management of complex pay rules and the time collection processes.
THERE'S NO REASON WHY K-12 school guidance counselors can't tap into the federal and state monies dedicated to staff training," says NTISC Director Kenneth Hartman.
If we also would like to increase per-student spending another thousand dollars to the national average, the bill would come to a staggering increase of 40 percent in K-12 school spending.
SecureWave, a worldwide leader in endpoint security software, today announced that it is seeing increased demand for its Sanctuary security software at colleges, universities and K-12 school districts around the world.
SunGard Pentamation is a leading provider of administrative information systems, performance analysis, and reporting software and services solutions for K-12 schools and local governments throughout the U.
The network serves 37 school buildings, making it the largest wireless K-12 school district WAN in the state in terms of number of sites.
The market comprises approximately 7000 universities and colleges and 18,000 K-12 School Districts and is estimated to exceed $500 million in North America.