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CADI. The name of a civil magistrate among the Turks.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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As per the agreement, the bank will provide financing facilities to prospective customers who plan to purchase properties in Burj Kadi, by providing them with property financing at competitive rates.
General manager of AIB Bahrain's business group, Tariq Kazim, added: "Kadi Group is a well reputed property development company in Bahrain and we are very pleased with the quality of work currently in progress on the project.
The signing ceremony was held at the Al Baraka Islamic Bank headquarters in Bahrain Bay in the presence of Tariq Kazim, general manager -- Business Group of AIB-Bahrain, and Saleh AlFadhala, the Chairman of Kadi Group, along with other prominent officials from both sides.
Borqs anticipates that the experience of Borqs' software engineers will enhance KADI's R and D capabilities while Borqs' supply chain management team will ensure efficient delivery of the hardware module products.
Kadi began his career as a field engineer before progressing to a specialist petrophysicist in advanced well integrity, production and reservoir surveillance.
The sales and marketing contract was signed by Kadi Group director Shaikh Salah Al Fudhala and Landmark Bahrain director Mohammad Younis.
El Kadi pointed out that the current economic reform programme of the social dimension has provided investors with confidence in the fact that Egypt is serious about its goals and becoming a strong, growing economy.
Speaking of the value of his education in ESMOD versus his experience with Kayrouz and Starch, Kadi evokes the talent versus education debate and says: "It's obviously very important and crucial to have an education and learn all the appro priate techniques when you're planning to practice any job.
From luminous textures to 3D silk braiding, the creations were a direct result of Kadi's attention to detail for perfection, cutting-edge development techniques and careful selection of material.
BEIRIUT: Instagram sensation and fashion blogger Negin Mirsalehi announced over the weekend that she would be the ambassador of Lebanese designer Rami Kadi for the Style Arabia Awards.
Summary: The construction works of High Plateaux linking the eastern and western borders on more than 1,000 km, will be launched Thursday, said Monday Minister of Public Works Abdelkader Kadi.
Kadi on Trial: A Multifaceted Analysis of the Kadi Trial