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This study utilized the perceived benefits and perceived self-efficacy factors of the behavior-specific cognition and affect component of the HPM to evaluate and compare the clinical outcomes of participants and non-participants of a Medicare KDE program.
Lo dejamos por el momento porque KDE da para muchas horas de lectura.
Unfortunately, installing operating systems is already quite complex, and this complexity is further compounded by the locked down nature of the devices on which KDE Plasma Active is to run, tablets.
KDE instituted the Stilwell Award for those outstanding vendor and university partners who have helped KDE fulfill their mission to the students and citizens of the commonwealth.
Stakeholders in the future of Qt, such as KDE, can now contribute according to their own priorities and take ownership over areas of Qt that are of particular importance to them.
This will be kept by privately-owned Dutch construction firm Koop Group, which was a shareholder in KDE.
KDE is now a community of people who dedicate their efforts to creating a better Linux desktop environment for all users.
Yard Energy, a Dutch wind energy firm has announced that it bought compatriot developer KDE Energy.
With Qt in the hands of the community, it is likely that KDE, the largest user of Qt, will become a major contributor.