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"We are pleased to back Kith and his team and their ambitious plans to create a range of exciting new products that will make leading surveys and undertaking research easier and more efficient," said Ludwig Voth, Chairman and CEO of Voth Nixon Group.
KITH interviewed 16 children from the Los Angeles area who have experienced bullying, many of whom detail the anguish that bullying causes in a KITH video produced and directed by Leana Greene.
The crematorium allows the village members to cremate their kith and kin in a respectful manner.
When will we stop having conflicts of interest cloud our patriotic duty, not protecting our kith's gain when they are doing a shoddy job?
" Please issue a direction prohibiting practice of the kith and kin of the sitting judges in the same court / high court / Supreme Court for the reinstatement of faith in the judiciary.
Muscat: Bangladeshi expatriates in the Sultanate are worrying for the safety of their kith and kin back home as violence continues to rock their country following the death sentence handed to Jamt-e-Islami leader Dilwar Hossain Sayeedee by a war crimes tribunal.
The kith and kin of the victims also expressed their satisfaction over the verdict and stated that guilty deserved to be punished severely.
| (with photos) KUALA LUMPUR, July 6 (KUNA) -- Kuwait's ambassador to Cambodia Dherar Nasser Al-Tuweijri has held talks with Chairman of the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce Kith Meng on means of promoting economies relations between Cambodia and Kuwait.
To the left they would have seen the contemporary gallery, currently hosting a new glass and ceramics exhibition called Kith and Kin.
Normal people don't spend their lives shouting abuse at each other yet this is how we are portrayed in EastEnders, and when we visit our kith & kin in hospital as portrayed in Casualty and Holby City.
The chairman of Cambodia-based ANZ Royal Bank, Kith Meng, is to step down.
Christmas is for kith and kin Regardless of race or colour of skin Whilst shepherds watch their flocks by night There are those who have to stand and fight On sand, at sea and in the air Maintaining peace they watch and stare.