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CARAT, weights. A carat is a weight equal to three and one-sixth grains, in diamonds, and the like. Jac. L. Dict. See Weight.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Condemning Central Board of Secondary Education's (CBSE) decision to hike the fee of Class 10 and 12 board examinations for SC and ST students, Karat said: "SC/ST students are facing so many problems in the education sector.
Foodgod 24 Karat wings, coated with the precious metal, debut at two Manhattan locations of The Ainsworth Tuesday.
While Prakash Karat and his supporters, notably from Kerala and Tripura, were advocating contesting the coming elections independently, the party general secretary Sitaram Yechuri -- supported by the West Bengal unit -- was in favour of the party having an understanding with Congress, to defeat the BJP.
The diamond jewellery offered by Karat was first available at Hotel Marriott in Karachi but they have now moved to The Forum Mall.
The price of the 21 Karat English Pound gold coin was set at SYP 55,100, and the 22 karat gold coin at SYP 57,100, while the Syrian gold ounce at SYP 241,200.
18 Karat Reggae Hits: Rasta Taking Over is a collaborative effort between 2 premier production houses in reggae music.
In an interview to jTak, Karat said there is a strong possibility that both the Congress and the BJP will not be able to form government this time.
MAM-A touts a 300-year longevity on its 24 Karat Gold CD-Rs, outlasting hard drives, Blu-Ray discs, and even microfilm.
Bisazza Etoiles Ore Giallo 24-karat gold leaf and glass mosaic tile, $158.51 per square foot, and Calro Dal Bianco 24- karat gold leaf and glass mosaic tile, $705.65 per module, Bisazza, New York and Los Angeles, 800-BISAZZA,; Calvin Klein Home cotton bath towel, $40, Calvin Klein Home, New York, 212-292-9000; Bird statue, not for sale; Waterworks nickel-plated brass legs stool, water- and stain-resistant fabric cushion, $600,800-899-6757,; Pottery Barn molded- resin frame with beveled glass mirrors, $44 and $49,888-779-5176,; Jonathan Adler candle, $65, Jonathan Adler, New York, 800-963-0891,; The Body Shop soap, $3.50, and exfoliating gloves, $7,
The unusual fruit, known as a "karat", has been grown for centuries in the Pacific islands of Micronesia to wean infants on to solid food.