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KEELS. This word is applied, in England, to vessels employed in the carriage of coals. Jacob, L. D.

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8220;Bad news is inevitable,” Keels says, “so we must keep good news in demand.
1038/NGEO1553) "Mantle flow deflected by interactions between subducted slabs and cratonic keels.
The aft and forward rudder foil sections are designed to accommodate the keels absence, and there are no jitters or wobbles or fluctuation at all when the keel gets air.
3A cutters in the production of the keels for the Swedish boats in the Victory Challenge Team.
The deepest iceberg keels ever measured reached 330 m below waterline, although researchers have hypothesized that some Antarctic icebergs today have keels 400 m deep.
The Mobi-C has no screws or keels and offers many potential advantages to the surgeon and patient with its unique design.
Keels, recently released her ninth book, Love Unfeigned, and her first poetry album, Hope.
Careful design, build and maintenance of keels and keel attachments are essential as to lose a keel can be catastrophic with loss of life.
The hydraulic keel rams on the boat, which are integral to the functioning of the innovative canting keels, were made in Ohio and most of the sails were built in Nevada, where Kostecki now lives.
The race organisers and Rule Management Group (RMG), led by chief measurer James Dadd, have concentrated on the issues which contributed to structural problems in the last race--particularly in the area of canting keels.
The classes will be divided into Grand Prix (built 1983 and after with wing keels), Modern (1967-1983 skeg/rudder), Classic Traditional (pre-1967 with keel hung rudders), and Vintage (built pre-1950).