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Keeping Mum was a smash hit and its cast including a host of A-listers including Maggie Smith, Patrick Swazye and Kristin Scott Thomas.
The Madison Square Garden folks are still keeping mum about the booking they've got for New Year's Eve '99, but .
The star, who had a turbulent relationship with footballer Stan Collymore, was reported to be keeping mum about the baby's father.
KEEPING MUM Madonna with Lourdes, Rocco and little David; DEAL Guy Ritchie
And if he is following her into parenthood, he is keeping mum.
The members of Pink Floyd are keeping mum, but you can bet they're keeping an eye on sales.
Actor Martin Clunes (right) is keeping mum about reports that he is to become a dad, like his character Gary in the BBC1 comedy hit Men Behaving Badly.
WITH so many Hollywood celebs keeping mum about their baby bumps, we're wondering if Nicole has been a bit of a Kidder too?
But she was keeping mum over what the hearing was about as she cradled baby Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily going into court.
But Fiddy's keeping mum about his threat to retire if Kanye West beat him.
Street bosses are keeping mum about who it is but the writing is already on the wall for Curly, played by Kevin Kennedy, and Raquel.
Keeping Mum, something perhaps Barton should have done, can't win tomorrow because last year's overall Costa prize went to the winner of the autobiography category and they're not gonna make that mistake again.