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Fluorescent light bulbs are hard to place on the Kelvin scale because of the way they work, using mercury vapor and phosphors to emit light.
Using superconducting technology at temperatures far below absolute zero (-459 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 on the Kelvin scale), they did it -- for only a ten-thousandth of a second.
Liquid helium-4 itself becomes a superfluid when cooled to within a few degrees of absolute zero on the Kelvin scale (minus 273 Celsius or minus 460 Fahrenheit), and the resulting lack of viscosity allows it to seem to defy gravity, flowing up and over the sides of a container.
It uses bulbs that radiate color "temperatures" between 3,000 and 10,000 degrees on the Kelvin scale - much broader than that offered by conventional lightbulbs - to approximate the rays of natural sunlight and help chase away the blues of the dark season.
With this achievement I broke the record held by Lord Kelvin, known for the Kelvin scale of temperature measurement, who in 1834, had cleared Class 10 when he was 10 years and four months.