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A numerical solution to nonlinear second order three-point boundary value problems in the reproducing kernel space. Applied Mathematics and Computation, 218(14):7362-7368, 2012.
From Table 1, we can clearly see that LGECSDL achieves the best recognition rates of 80.18%, 91.93%, and 81.05% in the linear kernel, Hellinger kernel, and polynomial kernel space, respectively, while KCSDL, the second best method, arrives at 78.55%, 88.98%, and 79.68%.
Similarly, the BSD Packet Filter (BPF) [34] is a byte-matching filtering mechanism that provides an efficient way of filtering packets in the kernel space. BPF is available on most Unix operating systems and it provides a similar functionality to the u32 module but without its filtering size restrictions.
By introducing [phi]([D.sup.v]) = [phi]([X.sup.v])A, we can learn a shared implicit dictionary A among multiple views in a similar way as (6), while the explicit nature (atom location information) of the dictionary is also maintained in the base dictionary [phi]([X.sup.v]), which is very important for subsequent label transfer in kernel space.
In [29], the authors had proved that W; [a, b] is complete reproducing kernel space and its reproducing kernel is
The reproducing kernel space [W.sup.m.sub.2][0, 1] is defined as follows.
Fuzzy dependency can be understood as the average distance from the samples and their nearest neighbor belonging to different classes, while the kernelized mutual information reflects the relevance between features and decision in the kernel space.
Lin, Nonlinear Numerical Analysis in the Reproducing Kernel Space, Nova Science, New York, NY, USA, 2009.
In the kernel space, we can project [] into a new feature space, and define this space as F for simplicity.
"McAfee is the only security technology provider that provides enforceable security by residing in the Android kernel space. As Android kernel has been adopted on core Linux platform, it was a natural ground for us to extend our whitelisting solution capabilities to Android," said Rishi Bhargava vice president of product management, Embedded Security at McAfee.
"This failure could allow the attacker to overwrite arbitrary portions of user or kernel space memory," which could allow an attacker to take complete control of the device, according to Cisco.