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KEY. An instrument made for shutting and opening a lock.
     2. The keys of a house are considered as real estate, and descend to the heir with the inheritance. But see 5 Blackf. 417.
     3. When the keys of a warehouse are delivered to a purchaser of goods locked up there, with a view of effecting a delivery of such goods, the delivery is complete. The doctrine of the civil law is the same. Dig. lib. 41, t. 1, 1. 9, Sec. 6; and lib. 18, t. 1, 1. 74.

KEY, estates. A wharf at which to land goods from, or to load them in a vessel. This word is now generally spelled Quay, from the French, quai.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The characteristics of low correlation, large key space, high key sensitivity, high entropy, and low time complexity are the main issues for a good image encryption algorithm.
Furthermore, beside keys of [lambda] and z, the other parameters of [alpha], [x.sub.1], and [y.sub.1] are used as additional secret keys to provide a larger key space. Therefore, the security of the system has been greatly improved.
In our proposed modified AES, the nonlinearity feature increases this difference and therefore, the key space of searching also increases drastically.
Analyzed brute-force attack by considering key space is large.
Two chaotic maps are used to increase the key space and security performance of the algorithm.
Oman stands to benefit from this by establishing its own space agency, in collaboration with local education institutes and global partnerships with key space agencies.
From the above calculation we can know that the key space is large enough to resist exhaustive attacks.
This leads to in-depth coverage of US military space policy through key space programs and weapons development from the Eisenhower to the Bush administrations.
Summary: DUBAI - Hussain Al Ansari, Vice President, Arab Youth Venture Foundation (AYVF), has been selected to participate in the annual Space Generation Congress, an annual conference bringing together top young minds to focus on key space topics.
This project will demonstrate responsive, high precision laser and optical tracking of space debris, improved space situational awareness for key space assets, and fully remote and automated operation of a high performance laser tracking system."
The key space is much larger than the key space of 1D CA-based system.