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KEY. An instrument made for shutting and opening a lock.
     2. The keys of a house are considered as real estate, and descend to the heir with the inheritance. But see 5 Blackf. 417.
     3. When the keys of a warehouse are delivered to a purchaser of goods locked up there, with a view of effecting a delivery of such goods, the delivery is complete. The doctrine of the civil law is the same. Dig. lib. 41, t. 1, 1. 9, Sec. 6; and lib. 18, t. 1, 1. 74.

KEY, estates. A wharf at which to land goods from, or to load them in a vessel. This word is now generally spelled Quay, from the French, quai.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The dad-of-two was then referred to Mr Blacker, one of the region's top keyhole surgery experts, who told him he would need an operation to remove the tumour.
Alan Doherty, consultant urological surgeon who carried out Mr Powell's operation, said keyhole surgery was the future for prostate cancer.
David Hope, assistant medical director for patient safety at ABMU, said he was "surprised" that the health board's 2009 report - which supported the keyhole surgery expert's view - had been "written in such a black-and-white way".
"It's good because I didn't have to travel outside North Wales and I was not in hospital for very long at all." Keyhole surgery is led by Dr
He said: "People may think that keyhole surgery is too hi-tech or advanced for use in hospitals in Africa, and yet it is exactly what is needed to help reduce the numbers of patients waiting for operations in crowded surgical wards.
"Keyhole surgery is very important to KCMC for a number of reasons.
He had a bit of trouble with a leg all through last season, so he had a little bit of keyhole surgery after his last race, and he summered well after that."
Mr Cox, who used to work at the former Mitchells & Butler brewery, in Cape Hill, was offered a new type of surgery where the prostate is removed using keyhole surgery.
Two were wide awake during the keyhole surgery procedure and were able to witness the operation, having light-hearted conversations with the surgical team.
MARK Bosnich underwent keyhole surgery yesterday on the dodgy shoulder which has dogged him for the past two months.
However, surgery is commonly done now as keyhole surgery. Men tend to recover quickly and can be out of hospital within a day or two.
DOCTORS in Sweden are planning to perform keyhole surgery on the national football league trophy to see whether it has a secret message engraved inside.