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Jokes about whether Keith Richards was counted as dead or alive in the researchers' tally aside, one troubling fact emerges: The average age of death for North American rockers was 42 years, while Europeans kicked the bucket at an average age of 35 years.
That is the view of the player who infamously kicked the bucket in a game at Southampton - former United favourite Lee Clark.
Fans were worried he had kicked the bucket but Charlie and Co are back tonight with a new round of medical emergencies for Saturday nights.
They investigated the issue why a sentence Sam kicked the bucket yesterday can only be passivised when its literal meaning is meant, and not when the sentence is to be decoded idiomatically.
Patricia may have kicked the Bucket but as hard-nosed Hetty, other private eyes pail into insignificance when she moves into action.
Viewed neutrally, your (elderly, old, or mature) aunt may have been said to have died; your kindly mother might euphemistically say she passed away; and you, you insensitive - or dysphemistic - lout, might say the old lady kicked the bucket or croaked.
The rich have been lording it over the poor since Lazarus kicked the bucket at Dives's gate.