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Progression of macrovascular diseases is reduced in type 1 diabetic patients after more than 5 years successful combined pancreas-kidney transplantation in comparison to kidney transplantation alone.
Many of them gradually proceed to end-stage kidney disease and kidney transplantation offers them a better life- both in the short and long term as opposed to treatment with continuous dialysis.
Kidney transplantation in primary oxalosis: Data from the EDTA registry.
Global disparities in access to kidney transplantation
Long-term follow-up of diabetic polyneuropathy after simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplantation in type 1 diabetic patients.
The researchers concluded there is a large quantity of educational material currently on the internet about kidney transplantation.
The Economics of Renal Replacement Therapy estimates that over the first five years, the cost of kidney transplantation amounts to pounds 131,952 per patient, while a similar period on haemodialysis costs pounds 246,500 per patient, and a patient on peritoneal dialysis costs pounds 176,500.
Our aim in the present study was to investigate this clinical condition, kidney transplantation alone, and the corresponding immunosuppression as potential causes of abnormal cCDT values.
Latinos were found to survive the longest after kidney transplantation, followed by whites and African-Americans.
Today, because of better control of diabetes and improved rates of survival following treatment, doctors do not hesitate to offer dialysis and kidney transplantation to people with diabetes.
Current trends toward kidney transplantation are a manifestation of a convergence of medical and economic preference in treatment choice.
This e-book is an overview of recent advances in the realm of kidney transplantation.