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Our health insurance card can no longer cover this payment, so we are asking kind-hearted individuals to help us save our twins," Andrea said.
School and college education are tailored to make students into machines capable of earning more but no curriculum contains basic instructions on how to be humane and kind-hearted.
Asma Mohammad, an Egyptian student at the university, said that Salman was a good person, kind-hearted and helpful.
Muscat: An Indian family in Sur is seeking the help of kind-hearted people to get medical treatment for their second son, who has been suffering from aplastic anaemia for the last six years.
In a statement released by Greater Manchester Police, Leanne's parents Margaret and James said: "Leanne was a beautiful, kind-hearted and generous girl, who lived and breathed for her four-year-old son Jaden, who in turn idolised and adored his mummy.
He was a kind-hearted entrepreneur who saved Huddersfield and a countless number of its people from potentially falling into dire need and squalor.
2 : to cause grief to <Her tears seemed to grieve the kind-hearted Munchkins .
KIND-HEARTED donations are wanted to ensure no child goes without a Christmas present this year.
00) is another winner in our book: it describes a hot day in Africa when Zanzibar Road is busy--and where kind-hearted Mama Jumbo has found the perfect place to build a house, with a host of zany neighbors.
Achsa's character is also quite plausible as equal parts gifted writer and insecure adolescent who very willingly pours out her heart to the kind-hearted Presley and also gives him--at his request--short grammar lessons.
Good-looking and kind-hearted, he was the only one to stick up for Jodie Marsh when she was being bullied.