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99 for best-selling e-books on its Kindle e-reader, a price publishers say is too low and could hurt hardcover sales, which generally carry a list price of more than $24.
Their UK arm revealed they sold 114 titles for their Kindle e-reader this year for every 100 hardbacks and paperbacks.
The firm's UK arm revealed it sold 114 titles for its Kindle e-reader in 2012 for every 100 hardbacks and paperbacks.
Also on offer are shopping vouchers worth pounds 100, a Kindle e-reader, comedy club tickets and meals for two at local restaurants.
21 April 2011 -- Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) will launch a new service allowing the users of its Kindle e-reader to borrow digital books from most US libraries as part of efforts to make the device more attractive in the face of growing competition from Apple's iPad and other tablet computers, the Financial Times reported.
Bezos also revealed that Amazon sold "millions" of third-generation Kindle e-reader devices , which have the paper-like e-ink Pearl display, making it the best-selling product in Amazon's history.
The Journal s Walt Mossberg -- one of the most closely followed tech columnists -- said he prefers the iPad as an e-reader to the popular Kindle e-reader from Amazon.
Consumer appetite for a gadget that sits somewhere between a smartphone and a laptop has yet to be proven, though plenty of devices such as Amazon's Kindle e-reader are vying for that market.
Dubai: AmazonAaon WednesdayAalaunched an International version of its popular Kindle e-reader, which the company says will now be available in over 100 countries.
Amazon made waves by doing the opposite, showing off a larger version of its Kindle e-reader in the hopes of luring college students and newspaper readers.