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Vector polygon constructed on the basis of first kinematic chain is presented in Fig.
Functioning of the parallel kinematic chain doesn't changes if the connection to the base and moving platform using the virtual chain E.
It is possible to perform a general motion of a working item of the robot through kinematic chains with 6 degrees of freedom, for example robot CINCINNATI (Fig.
A kinematic chain with a specified number of links and degree -of -freedom will have the same number of design parameters irrespective of the link assortment.
In this paper, a spatial model of the mandible was built using open kinematic chain with a configuration variable in time and 6 degrees of freedom (Fig.
The accumulator Ac ensures the flow peaks required when starting the feed kinematic chain (Bucuresteanu, 2003).
Kinematics of such a robot has open kinematic chain.
Each kinematic chain is actuated by an electric motor.
Inverse kinematics is the process of determining joint parameters of a kinematic chain in order to achieve a desired pose.
Until the end of twentieth century algorithms for manipulator calibration using open kinematic chain were developed.