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For example, Figure 3(b) is the DCG corresponding to gear train kinematic chain as shown in Figure 3(a).
In the further will consider kinematic chain which consist only from revolute (R) and prismatic (P) joints to ease the task.
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Proper assessment of system elements will help in optimization of a system and help in deciding various parameters such as number of degrees of freedom, placement of machines, robots and other supporting mechanisms (in case of a work cell consisting of multiple kinematic chain elements) and so forth.
In ascending stages, depending on the speed dictated by the feed kinematic chain, the system may supply flowrates between 0 and 20 l/min.
1996,"Mechanism of Kinematic Chain and the Degree of Structural Similarity based on the concept of Link--path Code", Mech.
Parallel kinematic chains were initially proposed in the context of tire-testing machine and flight simulators.
Romash, Estimation of error in determining the centers of rotation of links in a kinematic chain for industrial robot calibration techniques.
At present, the hydraulic installations designed for these machines belong to some systems that are not involved directly in the driving of the generating kinematic chains (Sandu, 2008), such as the main and the feed kinematic chains.
The kinematic chain can be represented by a graph where joints form hitches and arms form edges of the graph.
Robot Geometry Calibration in an Open Kinematic Chain Using Stereo Vision, Proceedings of International Scientific Conference UNITECH2010, Gabrovo, Bulgaria, vol.
Therefore, the transmission from the steering wheel to the wheels is following the kinematic chain (fig.