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AustKin can be used to search for kinship terminology patterns and systems by using single queries on the database for one equation, and a combination of equations, which are diagnostic of the Kariera system.
This article has proposed a way of using the search capacity of the AustKin database to find regular patterns and systems in the kinship terminology data for Australia (and potentially for any other kinship database similarly organized for other continents).
My theory concerning the widespread use of borrowed kinship terminology in modern Nepali is that loaned kinship terms provide a context-free and socially-neutral way of addressing outsiders, thus filling a niche which is largely absent in Nepali.
The Choctaws who moved west of the Mississippi changed their system of government and subsequently their kinship terminology to emphasize male control.
The AustKin project is bringing together anthropology, linguistics and history to look at the kinship terminology of Australia.
Drawing on Kroeber's (1909) analysis of kinship terminology with reference to eight categories (generation, lineal versus collateral, age difference in one generation, sex of the relative, sex of the connecting relative, sex of the speaker, consanguinal versus affinal, and condition of the connecting relative), which later became the bases for componential analysis, Greenberg (1990[1980], 1966:72-87) attempts to apply the concept of markedness to the analysis of universal aspects of terminologies.
Oliver (1955:256) emphasized the fit between Sinai kinship terminology and cross-cousin marriage.
Contemporary Mundugumor no longer remember `ropes', and many of them do not even know the indigenous kinship terminology, having used Melanesian Pidgin kin terms all their lives.