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As we shall see below, these theoretical approaches seem to have remained blocked at an analytical level that conflates social category systems, such as sections and sub-sections, and the interrelational and egocentric kinship terminology.
While there is no doubt that for many urban and educated Nepali-speakers, English is the dominant status language, I suggest that prestige alone is not enough to explain borrowings of kinship terminology from English.
Other themes covered include the role of gender in daily life (with women's activities in maguey cultivation, pulque production, and money lending receiving particular attention), microregional variation, and changing language patterns beyond kinship terminology.
Among the topics are the typology and history of kinship terms, comparative phylogenetic methods and the study of pattern and process in kinship, husband borrowing and the linguistic reconstruction of ancient Yukatekan marriage practices, the reconstruction of kinship terminology in the Arandic languages of Australia, reconstructing proto-terms for "mother's father" and their transformations in Proto-Pana-Nyungan, and Warumungu kinship over time.
In the discourses of early modern friendship, these "different kinds of kinship terminology overlap and mix together in an apparently bewildering profusion" (103) that makes sense only if one sees friendship as itself a type of ritual kinship--kinship created by promise rather than blood.
Recognition of kinship terminology is important to how people relate to each other, particularly with the practice of teaching and learning related to roles and responsibilities associated through kinship systems.
There is an excellent set of appendices covering naming conventions and kinship terminology, Nyangumarta pronunciation, a glossary and a bibliography for further reading.
Potential features that are already available in the database and that may be of interest to language centres, communities or individuals include the automatic construction of 'family tree'-style diagrams of the kinship terminology in a word list (Figure 3); the ability to automatically compile and download RTF file 'dictionaries' of kinship terms for any given language; and the ability to search for languages that use the same kinship word.