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n. slang for maximum, as the most interest that can be charged on an "adjustable rate" promissory note.

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An orthopaedic surgeon on Monday recommended that the knee had to be operated to fix the broken knee cap. SPECIALISED TREATMENT He was transferred to Tenri Hospital Embu County for specialised treatment.
Secondly, in these patients the patellar ligament (the one below your knee cap which a doctor taps with a hammer to test your reflexes) is often pulling the knee cap to one side.
If the lady in question should in the future need a replacement metal knee cap, ask the surgeon for a plastic one that doesn't ring at security, then she can regain her dignity.
It is generally acknowledged that the knee cap is vulnerable to forces from above and below, both near and far.
Chloe Dickinson went for the check at South Tyneside District Hospital after she broke her knee cap.
BRAVE Killie crock Garry Hay revealed how he played on against Celtic with a broken knee cap.
Jake, found as a stray, has three legs and his remaining back leg has a slipped knee cap. He needs a major operation and a set of wheels to help him to recover but the operation will cost over pounds 1,000.
One size fits most (up to 20" circumference measured 3" above the knee cap).
Richard McKinney has been ruled out with a fractured knee cap, while Kofi Dakinah is short of match fitness after hamstring trouble.
A police spokesman said: "Surgeons have operated to rebuild the officer's shattered left knee cap. He remains in hospital." The only description issued so far is that the driver was a male, with blond hair.
She was carried off to hospital, with coaches and medical staff fearing that her knee cap may have shattered.
This last fall I noticed a pain slightly below the knee cap when I ran.