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org makes it possible for consumers to submit suspected knock-offs for evaluation.
In Stockholm, Sweden, the Stockholm City Court issued an order on July 30, 1997 preventing a Swedish sports retailer, Sportz & Golf, from advertising or selling illegal counterfeits and knock-offs of Callaway Golf's patented and trademarked Big Bertha(R) lines of golf clubs.
We have a vested interest in the success of HEXBUG([R]) and have given Innovation First full access to all of our resources in this important fight against HEXBUG([R]) knock-offs.
And while seizures increased to 198 million last year, countless knock-offs are still making their way on to the streets.
Perine alleges that as early as 2001, Sutton began development of its first knock-off infant's keepsake bank.
The judgment includes an order to immediately and permanently halt all unlawful activities including: 1) manufacturing, marketing, or selling of all knock-off products; 2) using any of Obagi's proprietary or confidential information; 3) contacting any Obagi customers, distributors or manufacturers; and 4) disparaging or dealing in any Obagi products.
firms and sell knock-off products that are cheaper even though they infringe on U.
Chic, but not cheap - you'll pay $75 and up per item, or you can shadow box in the living room in a knock-off of the U.
HOUSTON -- When the NBA All-Star Game visits Houston this week for the first time in 17 years, unsuspecting basketball fans will be targeted by counterfeiters attempting to sell illegal and poorly produced knock-off NBA merchandise.
Indeed, with at least three knock-off brands, perhaps one of them will snag a TV show or animated movie deal, squeezing every last last bit of juice from the beans.
As the Hurricanes head to the NHL Eastern Conference Finals this weekend for the second time in five years, unsuspecting hockey fans - eager to show their support for their favorite team and players - will be targeted by counterfeiters attempting to sell unauthorized and poorly produced knock-off merchandise.
Revlon's ``Street Wear'' line debuted in August of 1996, and Urban Decay plans to argue in court that Revlon's products are a direct knock-off of its offerings.