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Now, a group of researchers has uncovered clues that might explain why knocking back one nightcap too many can make it tough to walk a straight line.
CRUSH stars Andie MacDowell, Anna Chancellor (Four Weddings and a Funeral), and Imelda Staunton (Shakespeare in Love) as three friends who spend Friday nights swapping stories of their travails with men while knocking back gin, smoking copious amounts of cigarettes and awarding the saddest story with a box of chocolates.
ROBERTO DI MATTEO wants Jeremy Peace to carry on knocking back bids for Graham Dorrans this summer.
So Scots businessman Greg Stobie has shown he has got some bottle by knocking back Bill Gates when he came calling.
At a recent awards ceremony, she was spotted puffing her way through a packet of fags - despite being repeatedly told to put them out - and knocking back the booze.
DUNCAN FERGUSON (right) will be in David Moyes' hair a little longer - after knocking back a couple of loan moves to First Division clubs.
For every Dean Martin suavely knocking back cocktails while crooning ``Amore,'' there's a thousand obnoxious barroom bores who never know when to shut up.
As you can see from our photos, La Lohan was actually knocking back the booze just hours before she collapsed.