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In July 2014, Biomet's sports medicine subsidiary launched the Juggerknotless soft anchor device, an innovation the company claimed was the first all-suture, knotless product on the market.
The high incidence of tendon rupture medially in the TOE group may be the result of knotless fixation at the medial row.
The unidirectional knotless barbed suture resulted in faster repair of uterine wall defects as well as less intraoperative blood loss, Dr.
Maybe use a landing net to help contain the fish, but do ensure it is of soft fabric, not simply knotless mesh, which is often just hard welded cord.
In Europe, some of the earliest examples of twisted bast fibre come from Friesack in Germany where both knotted and knotless netting (nalebinding) are represented.
Hoffmann ACE is a manufacturer of cargo pallet nets producing knotted and knotless cargo nets made of various high tech materials.
When the fish must be taken from the water to remove the hook don't use a tailer, don't beach the fish, use a large, knotless mesh, landing net.
Food and Drug Administration to market its Magnum PI Knotless Implant System, which utilizes implants made of polyetheretherketone (PEEK) for the attachment of soft tissue to bone.
The company's new surgical technique, SutureCross Knotless Anatomic Fixation, involves less complex and stronger tissue fasteners and does not require suture knots.
The outer posts, with tempered aluminum floor socket stem and inner extension tube, are coupled with a lifetime warranty 26:1 machined worm gear net tensioning winch and knotless mesh net with Kevlar top rope net to maximize net tension performance.
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