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The Fishbone Knotless Rope Tie by Out-Tek is rope hardware designed for adventure.
In July 2014, Biomet's sports medicince subsidiary launched the JuggerKnotless Soft Anchor device, an innovation the company claimed was the first all-suture, knotless product on the market.
The Gryphon Anchor uses a proprietary pre-tied sliding knot that forms a construct that is up to 41 percent stronger than tested arthroscopic knots and knotless devices, and up to 64 percent smaller than standard arthroscopic knots.
Knotless, rubber coated nets should be used on fish that are netted.
2]); but the mesh size of both nets was identical throughout (stretched mesh opening: 17 mm; knotless bunt mesh: 15 mm).
From December 2013 to September 2014, nine knotless LRP were performed by experienced laparoscopist with experience of more than 500 LRP (L.
The birds were immediately extracted from the net and placed in knotless mesh bags to calm them and prevent damage to their feet, bill, and wings.
Better still, unhook the fish in the net while it is still in the water and remember that all nets should be knotless nowadays to give the released fish even more protection.
Their knotless mesh and flat bottom insures safe release.