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KNOWLEDGE. Information as to a fact.
     2. Many acts are perfectly innocent when the party performing them is not aware of certain circumstances attending them for example, a man may pass a counterfeit note and be guiltless, if he did not know it was so he may receive stolen goods if he were not aware of the fact that they were stolen. In these and the like cases it is the guilty knowledge which makes the crime. See, as to the manner of proving guilty knowledge, Arch. Cr. Pl. 110, 111. Vide Animal. Dog; Evidence ignorance; Scienter.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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For example, engineering, procurement, and construction company Bechtel ( has many long-tenured experts nearing retirement, and it uses knowledge mapping to ensure that their technical knowledge is transferred to the next generation of employees.
A second reason that organizations use knowledge mapping is to guide strategic improvements.
This can be a framework for researchers to examine how these elements are currently covered and how they would need to be altered to specifically meet the ICT knowledge and skills requirement for the teachers in the A.D.E and B.Ed.
It is suggested that building of learning communities according to specific content area, collaborative work of same teaching subject teachers and discussion sessions on technology integration into teaching would improve the teachers' pedagogical knowledge and content knowledge as well as with the effective use of technology (Chang, Hsu and Ciou, 2017).
Knowledge is an intangible resource that exists with the mind of the individual (sveiby 1997).
Research studies proved that if opportunities for exchange of Knowledge are given between students, there will be a remarkable improvement in their domain of knowledge.
Today, knowledge management rush to develop its domain on organizations and we can observe newer and more applicable models of knowledge management, however, many organizations do not consider knowledge management and it seems that there is no meaningful and organizational movement in this field especially in educational organizations (Ghorbani, Noghabi, and Nikoukar, 2011).
Creativity is the ability to apply knowledge to solve problems.
In this section the authors briefly presents a discussion on Knowledge Management (KM), Digital Forensics (DF), as well as Digital Evidence (DE).
"Knowledge Week is expected to attract a large audience from the public and private sectors, and will feature knowledge-focused events to raise awareness and enthusiasm for building knowledge-based societies in the region," Al Bloushi added.

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