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KNOWLEDGE. Information as to a fact.
     2. Many acts are perfectly innocent when the party performing them is not aware of certain circumstances attending them for example, a man may pass a counterfeit note and be guiltless, if he did not know it was so he may receive stolen goods if he were not aware of the fact that they were stolen. In these and the like cases it is the guilty knowledge which makes the crime. See, as to the manner of proving guilty knowledge, Arch. Cr. Pl. 110, 111. Vide Animal. Dog; Evidence ignorance; Scienter.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Planetary vision, however, only emerges in the translation of the teacher Nirmal, who reads the time of the gods as physics' deep time of the planet, in the process situating human and dolphin in a broader and interconnected lifeworld that can only be assembled as totality out of the intersection of secular scientific knowlege (the account of deep geologic and physical time and of the geophysical agency of the earth) and myth (the account of the gods as planetary agents) (150-51).
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Thanks to the Herrera family and Cuauhtemoc Dominguez for their help at field, and to Alfredo Garza, Elizabeth Aragon and Rolando Gonzalez for their help and knowlege on vertebrate identification.
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Reached by The Texas Tribune Tuesday night, Van Overschelde said he left the TEA in June and had no knowlege of the Laredo ISD data.