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CORD, measures. A cord of wood must, when the wood is piled close, measure eight feet by four, and the wood must be four feet long. There are various local regulations in our principal cities as to the manner in which wood shall be measured and sold.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Dans une declaration a la presse a l'issue de la confrontation, Houssam El Kord s'est dit fier du resultat, soulignant qu'il a donne le maximum face a des Eegyptiens revanchards des deux titres qu'ils ont perdus l'annee derniere et celle d'avant en individuel et par equipes.
"The 10 identified dead bodies will be transported by helicopter to Shahr-e Kord Airport," he added.
Vokal kordlar, endotrakeal tup (ETT) ve tiroid kikirdagi laminalarinin mekanik olarak sikistirmasiyla hasar gorebilir ve vokal kord paralizisi meydana gelebilir.
"Exploration opportunities at Fenelon include open mineralized zones close to the existing underground workings and resource as well as high grade drill intersections at depth and along trend," said Kord.
[5] benzer sol skrotal liposarkom olgusunda, operasyon sirasinda testis, kord ve epididim invazyon bulgulari olmasina ragmen cerrahi sinir negatif oldugu icin ek bir tedavi uygulanmamistir.
52, Khanali Ave., Kord Ave., Resalat Highway, Tehran, Iran
The "On The Air" about a C-172 pilot requesting touch and goes at KORD reminded me that I've actually done that, and at the controller's invitation.
Evenson - Janell Huff and Kord Evenson, of Eugene, a daughter.
Alt uriner ve genital sistemin otonomik ve somatik innervasyonlari ayni oldugu icin spinal kord yaralanmalarinda (SKY) iseme disfonksiyonu yaninda cinsel islev bozukluklari da sik gorulmektedir.