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There are separated families in North Korea as well.
Five days after the test, the United Nations Security Council passed a resolution calling for economic sanctions to punish North Korea.
South Korea, headquarters of Hyundai and Samsung, now boasts the 10th-largest economy in the world.
Green Cross will be responsible for all development, regulatory and commercialization costs in Korea.
In this report, we present the first documentation of Japanese spotted fever in South Korea and isolation of R.
As usual, North Korea got most of what it wanted while Washington and its negotiating partners were left with empty boasts that an "agreement" had been effected.
And since the focus of this conference is Korea, let me begin on the Peninsula.
In one South Korea, it is literally a new day for foreign investors.
It's no surprise, of course, that most writers have chosen North Korea as their prime topic: That weird, dangerous state is simply a juicier subject, with its epic isolation, creepy and seemingly unpredictable Great Leader, Kim Jong Il, and alarming nuclear development programs.
Since Korea has been globally recognized as an ideal test-bed for innovative technologies and services, such as digital multimedia broadcasting, mobile technology and broadband communications, the World ICT Summit 2005 will provide participants with an excellent opportunity to draw a roadmap for the technological future and explore new business opportunities.
In a 27 August 2004 press release announcing the first-ever nationwide report on conditions in North Korea, UNEP acknowledged "a paucity of research and data on which to base reliable environmental assessments.