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Several WNV strains from Europe and Asia, as well as Kunjin virus isolates, also had T at position 660, but both the prototype WN-NY99 and the IS-98 (AF481864) isolates contain 660 C.
Lineage 1 strains included the highly pathogenic and neuroinvasive NY385-99 strain (2), the attenuated non-neuroinvasive strain TM 171-03 isolated in Mexico in 2003 (19), hamster-passaged attenuated clones of NY-385-99 (clone TYP-9376 and clone 9317B) (18), and a non-neuroinvasive Kunjin virus strain MRM61C (Table 1).
WNV transmission has been reported in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, parts of Asia, Australia (in the form of Kunjin virus, a subtype of WNV), North America, and parts of Central America and the Caribbean (1,6).