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The powerful combination of new MPOA, Distributed LAN Emulation and multi-peer group PNNI support enables corporations to reap the performance benefits of ATM by transparently linking frame-based technologies to their ATM core.
With tight integration and simple configuration of the LAN Emulation Client, desktops can now be ATM-ready out of the box.
Based on dual i960 RISC processors, the ATMizer LS is a five port device that offers organizations up to five ATM OC3c ports, with a full suite of LAN Emulation services.
Our LAN emulation service gives businesses the ability to enhance their competitive edge without having to make expensive investments in new telecommunications equipment.
Each Blue Ridge edge device performs the LAN Emulation Server (LES), Broadcast Unknown Server (BUS) and LAN Emulation Configuration Server (LECS) functions.
VIVID is the only LAN emulation system which may be upgraded via a simple software change to standards- based routing and MPOA (Multi-Protocol Over ATM), an emerging ATM Forum standard for supporting network layer routing over ATM networks.
0 is crucial for enterprise level connectivity because it enables the use of ABR (Available Bit Rate) traffic management and provides the foundation for other ATM Forum specifications such as LAN Emulation 2.
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