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Consumers make up 48% of wireless LAN hardware revenue, enterprises 43%, and service providers 9%; through 2003, the enterprise and service provider percentages will rise as penetration increases
Cisco is the number one worldwide vendor with 14% of the worldwide total wireless LAN hardware revenue market, according to Infonetics.
WEP implementations currently deployed in wireless LAN hardware use RSA Security's RC4 algorithm for encryption.
provision and maintenance type of LAN hardware data center and associated services.
Tenders are invited for Tender For Computer & Lan Hardware & Associated Systems (Amc)
The solution is reportedly customised to the hardware environment of wireless LAN products and is designed to provide data protection without the need to replace wireless LAN hardware.
In addition, it reviews product strategies, market positioning, and future direction of the leading providers in the LAN hardware market.
Contract notice: Modernization of lan hardware supply, active safety and implemented within the framework of the project safe city elk broadband network.
With Infonetics forecasting European Wireless LAN hardware revenue to reach over EUR 450 million by the end of 2003 -- up from EUR 100 million in 1Q03, Airespace has secured agreements with several major resellers and partners throughout Europe for localized sales and support services, including onsite technical assistance and spare parts warehousing for rapid customer response.