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Consumers make up 48% of wireless LAN hardware revenue, enterprises 43%, and service providers 9%; through 2003, the enterprise and service provider percentages will rise as penetration increases
While the overall wireless LAN hardware market held relatively steady from the previous quarter, wireless LAN switch ports had a stellar first quarter of the year: Ports grew 158% and revenue grew 121%.
Cisco is the number one worldwide vendor with 14% of the worldwide total wireless LAN hardware revenue market, according to Infonetics.
WEP implementations currently deployed in wireless LAN hardware use RSA Security's RC4 algorithm for encryption.
Wireless LAN Hardware tracks WLAN access points (standalone, wireless broadband gateways, bridges, and switches), and NICs (USB, PCI, PCMCIA cards).
21 /PRNewswire/ -- Worldwide wireless LAN hardware revenue topped $608 million in 2Q03, and is projected to grow to $3.
In addition, it reviews product strategies, market positioning, and future direction of the leading providers in the LAN hardware market.
LONDON -- LONDON, May 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Worldwide wireless LAN hardware revenue hit $481.
With Infonetics forecasting European Wireless LAN hardware revenue to reach over EUR 450 million by the end of 2003 -- up from EUR 100 million in 1Q03, Airespace has secured agreements with several major resellers and partners throughout Europe for localized sales and support services, including onsite technical assistance and spare parts warehousing for rapid customer response.
Driven by the desire for mobility and fueled by the decreasing prices of wireless LAN hardware, employees, vendors and on-site contractors can circumvent an enterprise's investment in IT security by plugging a $100 wireless LAN access point into an Ethernet jack and connecting a $50 wireless access card to a laptop or hand-held device.