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Etisalat's Managed LAN Switch service will include the supply, installation and configuration of LAN Switches - from multi-vendors; testing and commissioning; proactive 24x7 monitoring and remote management, as well as on-site support and maintenance of hardware in the event of faults on customer premises.
Foundry's SecureIronLS secure LAN switch family is designed to seamlessly integrate into the enterprise network to deliver comprehensive security from edge to core at an affordable premium to traditional LAN switch costs.
The Tolly Group conducted a benchmark performance comparison between the 3Com Switch 5500G-EI family and comparable Cisco LAN switch, which are considered by enterprises for supporting real-time business applications, such as Voice over IP.
The LAX-20 is a multiport, multiprotocol internetworking switch that combines the advantages of high-performance LAN switch and a full-featured ATM interface capable of carrying audio, video, image, and data traffic.