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C area on timely Strike, Land Attack and Air Defense subjects.
France plans nine versions of the 5600-tonne frigate as Action Vers la Terre (AVT) with its DCN Sylver launchers having, among other weapons, the MBDA Scalp Naval land attack missiles.
Some of the SSNs involved have the capability to carry the Tomahawk Land Attack Cruise Missile (TLAM).
Products and services on display will include the Advanced Gun System - Lite, Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System, the 155-millimeter Long Range Land Attack Projectile, 5-inch Long Range Land Attack Projectile, and 10-millimeter Electromagnetic Railgun.
Barry" McCullough III at the NDIA Strike, Land Attack, and Air Defense Division Annual Symposium in May.
8) weapon which has also been designed for the anti-ship role but is also capable of being used for land attack.
The DD(X) is the Navy's next-generation transformational surface combatant tailored for land attack in support of a ground campaign and maritime dominance.
Today, every air wing has the capability of employing standoff and through-the-weather precision weapons, such as the Stand-off Land Attack Missile-Expanded Response, Joint Stand-Off Weapon and Joint Direct Attack Munition.
In the defence sector, KONGSBERG offers niche products and capabilities such as the NSM and JSM anti-ship and land attack missiles, NASAMS air defence and C2 solutions, PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Station, composites and advanced aerostructures, and Simulation & Training solutions.
BAE Systems will build on its recent Long Range Land Attack Projectile and Multi-Service Standard Guided Projectile development and demonstration successes to apply innovative and proven designs to the next-generation projectile.
John Reilly, chairman of the National Defense industrial Association Association's Strike, Land Attack and Air Defense Division (above, left), presents the NDIA gold medal to retired Navy Vice Adm.
The leading force in the move from open ocean to littoral thinking is (unsurprisingly) the US Navy, which in 2001 abandoned its projected Zumwalt-class DD-21 destroyer concept in favour of the DD(X), designed to provide advanced land attack capability to assist the ground campaign (see the title picture which shows it firing its 155 mm United Defense Advanced Gun Systems: also note the 'tumblehome' hull form designed to reduced radar response).

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